Winona LaDuke's Book Collection


Winona LaDuke's Book Collection


On the Rocks of the Lakes: Snuggle up with a Collection of Books authored by Winona LaDuke. We will include free shipping USA media mail. For free shipping use code: ONTHEROCKS

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First Recommended Read is:

All Our Relations: Native Struggles for Land and Life Paperback – Published October 1st 2008

Haymarket Books proudly brings back into print Winona LaDuke's seminal work of Native resistance to oppression.

This thoughtful, in-depth account of Native struggles against environmental and cultural degradation features chapters on the Seminoles, the Anishinaabeg, the Innu, the Northern Cheyenne, and the Mohawks, among others. Filled with inspiring testimonies of struggles for survival, each page of this volume speaks forcefully for self-determination and community.

On each page of this volume, LaDuke speaks forcefully for self-determination and community. Hers is a beautiful and daring vision of political, spiritual, and ecological transformation.

Newest Published - The Chronicles of Winona LaDuke: Stories from the Front Lines in the Battle for Environmental Justice Reprint Edition

Chronicles is a major work, a collection of current, pressing and inspirational stories of Indigenous communities from the Canadian subarctic to the heart of Dine Bii Kaya, Navajo Nation. Chronicles is a book literally risen from the ashes beginning in 2008 after her home burned to the ground and collectively is an accounting of Winona’s personal path of recovery, finding strength and resilience in the writing itself as well as in her work. Long awaited, Chronicles is a labor of love, a tribute to those who have passed on and those yet to arrive. 

Last Standing Woman (History & Heritage) Published October 2009

A powerful and poignant novel tracing the lives of seven generations of Anishinaabe (O)bwe/Chippewa).' impressive fiction debut....skillfully intertwines social history. oral myth and character study...." Publishers Weekly.

The white man’s government would have flicked the Anishinaabeg aside, flicked them all aside with the stroke of a pen on a sheet of paper. Except the paper, the masiniaigin, was not the land and it was not the people and it was not the magic. It was just the paper.” Winona LaDuke

She told her husband, ‘You will never touch me again. You will freeze in your own glory.’ And she showed him her skinning knife…’You touch me again and you will be a rabbit, a waabooz. Aababishkaw, I will turn you inside out.” Winona LaDuke, Last Standing Woman

Recovering the Sacred: The Power of Naming and Claiming Paperback– Publication date: April 2016

The indigenous imperative to honor nature is undermined by federal laws approving resource extraction through mining and drilling. Formal protections exist for Native American religious expression, but not for the places and natural resources integral to ceremonies. Under what conditions can traditional beliefs be best practiced?

Recovering the Sacred features a wealth of native research and hundreds of interviews with indigenous scholars and activists.

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