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Spotted Horse Coffee Blends
Spotted Horse Coffee Blends

Bulk Coffee - No Packaging

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SPOTTED HORSE COFFEES features fair trade and organic Central and South American, African and Indonesian blends. We are a small batch craft roaster. We pay careful attention to each batch ensuring a perfect roast each time. Our rich flavors reflect our rich culture, featuring fair trade, organic and indigenous coffees. We are a tribally owned coffee company. My extended family and I are your roasters. 


  • Water Protector - Water Protectors Blend is for the bold that begins with rich dark roasted El Salvador, Chiapas and Costa Rican beans to create a complexity of sweet and savory bold flavors. A favorite. $10lb

  • Winona's Breakfast Blend - This blend is a smokey rich medium full city roast; a bold and reflective way to start your day. $9lb

  • Riel - French roast, a deep, rich, full- bodied French roasted coffee indigenous to the Americas. $9lb

  • Hole in the Day - This blend is a Central American, African and Indonesian full city roast with deep and rich flavors. The collective aromas of the regions are found steeped in a coffee which honors one of our strongest leaders. $9lb

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