Winona LaDuke is one of the world’s most tireless and charismatic leaders on issues related to climate change, Indigenous rights, human rights, green and rural economies, grass-roots organizing, local foods, alternative sources of energy and the priceless value of clean water over a career spanning nearly 40 years of activism.


Round Lake Coffee Roasters

What's called the Last Indian Uprising in Minnesota occurred on Round Lake, in 1901. There, Skip-in-the-Day and the Round Lake Ojibwe people stopped the theft of logs by the lumber companies. 60 Ojibwes with rifles were supported by many non-natives in the region. ThIs Is where we live and this is where we roast. 

We say that we are still rising. Join us for peace and justice in the coffee cup and in the world.

SPOTTED HORSE COFFEES features fair trade and organic Central and South American, African and Indonesian blends. We are a small batch craft roaster. We pay careful attention to each batch ensuring a perfect roast each time. Our rich flavors reflect our rich culture, featuring fair trade, organic and indigenous coffees. We are a tribally owned coffee company. My extended family and I are your roasters. Winona LaDuke